Barskeer med knob, disk, dråbe eller gaffel - så du kan tage frugten

Collection: Hard spoons

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Barske Cocktail med rød knop 28 cm / 11 inch
Harsh Cocktail with red knob 28 cm / 11 inch
Sale price
10 kr
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29 kr
36% off
Barske Cocktail  med fladt hoved, 25 cm
Harsh Cocktail with flat head, 25 cm
Sale price
25 kr
List price
39 kr
43% off
Hudson Cocktail barske 45 cm
Hudson Cocktail rough 45 cm
Sale price
55 kr
List price
95 kr
Barske Cocktail  "Drop in Copenhagen" med dråbe 33 cm - Cocktail Served #
Harsh Cocktail "Drop in Copenhagen" with drop 33 cm
69 kr
Barske Cocktail med gaffel 43 cm, rustfri stål - Cocktail Served #
Harsh Cocktail with fork 43 cm, stainless steel
59 kr
Collison Cocktail Ske 45 cm
Collison Cocktail Spoon 45 cm
115 kr
35% off
Barske Cocktail med rød knob 28 cm
Harsh Cocktail with red knot 28 cm
Sale price
19 kr
List price
29 kr

The Essential Craftsman in the Bar

Introducing our selection of bar spoons, the indispensable tool for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. Our bar spoons are created with a focus on both functionality and style. With their precise design and high-quality materials, you can stir, measure and serve cocktails with ease and elegance. Whether you're making classic drinks or experimenting with new creations, our bar spoons will help you achieve the perfect balance and flavor in every drink. Let your passion for bartending shine through with our professional bar spoons. Choose quality and craftsmanship - choose our bar spoons today.