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ODK Cinnamon Syrup

ODK Cinnamon Syrup is an aromatic and spicy syrup that captures the characteristic warm and fragrant taste of cinnamon. Carefully created to preserve the authentic spice of cinnamon, this syrup offers an ideal option to enhance a variety of drinks, cocktails and desserts with its unique spicy taste.


  • Intense Cinnamon Aroma: Made with care to preserve the powerful and spicy flavor of cinnamon.
  • Warm and Spicy Consistency: A pleasant balance between the spice of the cinnamon and the sweetness of the syrup.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for adding heat and spice to drinks, desserts and cooking.

Suggestions for Drinks:

  1. Cinnamon Espresso Martini:

    • Ingredients: Espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, ODK Cinnamon Syrup and ice cubes. A refreshing coffee cocktail with spicy cinnamon.
  2. Spiced Apple Cider:

    • Ingredients: Heated apple cider, ODK Cinnamon Syrup, cinnamon sticks. A warm and spicy cider with a soothing cinnamon aroma.
  3. Cinnamon Vanilla Chai:

    • Ingredients: Chai tea, ODK Cinnamon Syrup, milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon on top. A soothing tea with cinnamon and vanilla.

Use in Cooking:

  • Spicy Baked Goods: Use the syrup in baked goods such as cakes, pancakes or bread to add a spicy flavour.
  • Cinnamon-Inspired Sauces: Add the syrup to sauces to add a spicy flavor to dishes such as desserts or entrees.

Use in Desserts:

  • Cinnamon Spiced Whipped Cream: Mix the syrup into whipped cream to add a spicy flavor to desserts such as pies or cakes.
  • Spiced Fruit Salad: Use the syrup to spice up a fruit salad with a warm cinnamon aroma.

ODK Cinnamon Syrup is not just an ordinary syrup; it is a spicy and warming ingredient that will transform your drinks, cooking and desserts with the authentic taste of cinnamon.

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About us

Cocktail Served ApS is a leading supplier within the Danish restaurant industry, the wholesale sector and among private bar enthusiasts. The company specializes as the Danish importer of ODK's products, which include a wide selection of bartender syrups, fruit mixers, the sour mix series, pure products, hot chocolate, frappe, chai and much more. Cocktail Served has an extensive range of quality products designed to meet the needs of the cocktail world.

In addition to representing ODK, Cocktail Served also offers their own professional bar equipment at extremely reasonable prices. This includes tools and equipment essential to any bar that can help create an optimal bartending experience. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products and equipment to both the business and private sectors, making it easier for everyone to enjoy an authentic and tasty cocktail experience.

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Fast dispatch Clear website Delicious products.

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Fast and personal service, I'm looking forward to a hot cup of chai

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Easy to order from. Super delicious products, at a super price, highly recommend.

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